Thursday, August 2, 2007


For a young professional working from nine to nine and earning hard for early retirement, a two- week vacation on a beach is relaxing.

No cell phones please!

For a family whose children suffer upper respiratory disease because of urban pollution, a week-long holiday to swim, frolic and sun bathe on the beach is one form of cure physically and psychologically.

No laptop computers please!

For all kinds of people facing all sorts of pressures just to earn a living, one cool morning on a beach like Boracay in the central Philippines is a reward of a lifetime.

No cellular phones please!

To be energized from time to time, to be rejuvenated by natures healing power is to be able to face the world again with a fresh start.

Okay! This time you may use cell phones and laptops and all electronic devises.

Good Luck!
(Joel E. Ferraris)

1 comment:

CrisN said...

good day! i got your site thru jim paredes' blog. and just like i appreciate jim's i love your work as well.

i esp. like the boracay morning painting.

keep it up.