Saturday, June 9, 2007


Artist's Statement

My life as an artist, constantly energized by ideas and inspirations, continuously flows freely like water until it reaches a point of equilibrium. This roller-coaster journey of success and failures, of frustrations and rewards go on every time fresh ideas are in mind.

This particular exhibition, my first time in North America, is just one stage of that journey. The setting of the theme for this exhibition this time is any densely-populated city, Hong Kong to be specific, of the first world where material wealth and opportunities pulsate to give fuel to the fast-paced life alongside stories of depression, deprivation and doom.

I feel a mixture of elation and lamentation every time I see a lot of rubbish as a result of the culture of abundance, materialism and consumerism… or the break-up of families as a result of success in careers resulting in the decline of morality targeting most especially the young. But on top of that I am saddened by the fact that people, in their almost mindless pursuit of their dreams, forget about the spiritual as well as moral guidelines that God the Almighty Father has prepared for us when He created us.

To me, a free flowing life means to be guided by the Divine Light and to swim into that life-giving water in which one is able to gently hurdle or evade life's many obstacles while maintaining a certain balance in one's career, family life, social responsibilities and most of all moral and spiritual obligations.

This exhibition not only aims to present several of my new art pieces and innovations in various media but also to provoke discussions and thoughts on the materials and techniques used and most importantly on the subjects and themes that they try to present. Moreover this combination of a few old works and new ones aims to encourage artists to re-examine their role in the quest for the common good.

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