Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Despite the Internet's offer of delivering information and news quickly, still people are excited each morning to read the newspapers. And reading while turning its many pages is not complete sometimes without a cup of hot coffee. The paper, recycled several times, has an extra use as cover on our face once the need for a short nap comes.

This habit of reading the news everyday creates a situation wherein becoming so engrossed in those stories sometimes makes me oblivious of what is happening around me. Who's not affected by news anyway when money, money and money are the major causes of all anxiety?

YES PLS! These words are actually the Yen or Yuan, Euro, Dollar, Peso, and Pound whose symbols are arranged to form these words of request…or command. Money is what people in need ask for. It is what job hunters look for and what lottery addicts hope for. That's why we are so eager to grab the morning paper and read the news.

With those layers upon layers of good and bad news headlines printed on paper are being read while real life occurrences of these true stories behind each news fleeting all around us, the slight warmth of sunshine on our nape gives us that soothing feeling each morning. (Joel E. Ferraris)

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