Saturday, July 28, 2007

PRY, BUZZ, SEE (privacy)

The advent of cellular phones, computers and all those digital gadgets allowed people to communicate more and to be easily connected. To be abreast with what's going on all around the world means digging into a mine full of information through the Internet. And nowadays it is easy to get things done so fast or do business with ease right in the very comforts of homes, offices or any place as long as the laptop, cellular phones and other gizmos are within reach.

Ever since the fall of Adam and Eve it is a fact that people value their privacy the reason why there are separate bedrooms or separate toilet cubicles and a very sensitive way of using clothing. Even our private lives, our inner thoughts and sensitive feelings are very much valued.
But what is surprising now is to see how individuals, so engrossed in phone conversations right in the middle of a crowded place using their latest model cell phones, could carelessly burst their bubble called privacy and allow it to overlap and blend with the other people's bubble.

Aside from surveillance cameras conspicuously situated who-knows-where that act like an all-seeing eye, the solitary situation of a person in front of his computer in a closed room cannot escape the naughty eyes of hackers, intruders and their Trojan horses.
The availability of products of advanced technology allows people to intrude, to spread news or rumors and to become witness to some truths, half-truths and all kinds of lies sometimes. But, like a boomerang that flies back to its thrower, these acts we do could someday make us become unwary sitting ducks.

Come to think of it, this move by people to watch every move of their fellowmen will not be a burden at all on one's privacy if each person walks in the path of righteousness demanded by an all-seeing and all-knowing God. People that live in truth, in honesty, and integrity are trustworthy because they know fully well God the Father Almighty's commandments that teach man to be righteous. And He watches and knows everything.

This wall installation, using (surprisingly unused) plastic bubbles that I bought from a junk shop near my studio situated in an industrial area in Hong Kong, attempts to present a picture of how the digital technology has connected people in the whole world today. By using colored strings the viewers are able to visualize the busy connections and hotspots once they are all online. (Joel E. Ferraris)

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