Saturday, July 28, 2007


Cities that are deprived of vast land areas have no way to expand but vertically. This means that dwellings are constructed like boxes piled one on top of the other and sometimes reach up to seventy floors or more. In each level, where the common access is provided for by lifts, the sociofugal design of a cluster of flats or apartment units discourage social interaction. Each family is to its own.

Children that were born or have grown up in this reality are hungry for the wide lawns to run around and stairs to climb up and down. These were the complaints of my kids and whenever they visit the province the experience to stay in a split-level bungalow makes a strong impression on them.
Another dilemma is, the lower the flat level the noisier and more crowded the surrounding environment but the rent is cheap. In contrast, the higher the flat level is the better the panorama when one looks out of the window but here the rent is high.
If you're lucky you will have the clear view of those distant mountains and the clear blue sky. Or in another bedroom window, the panoramic view of the sea gives a soothing relief after one busy office day. But once you're unlucky to fall prey to property agents that rip you off and give you a flat in one crowded estate the only window view that you will get is just a slice of the sky, where sunlight finds its way through those concrete canyons to dry your laundry hanging in the living room window. (Joel E. Ferraris)

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