Saturday, July 28, 2007

DIGITAL DREAMS in different versions

When someone asked me why I gave this title to this series of new works I jokingly replied with a question, "Are our dreams digital or analog?" This is in reference to the flood of new and more advanced digital video and cameras and the gradual disappearance of analog devices.

Actually, the title is meant to fit the image it represents. In this age of everything turning digital it is surprising to discover that for the last five years that I have bought CDs, VCDs and now DVDs the design of their case has evolved. The change was so fast that older designs are not available in the market nowadays.
In utilizing these old CD/VCD/DVD cases collections plus recycling those old, broken ones I tried to preserve them by turning them into works of art. By exposing their designs and shapes and by enhancing them with textures and colors they are unrecognizable at first glance. But the addition of real CDs of different colors one will realize they once existed.
In the years to come, especially now that the problem of overflowing rubbish and landfill management become headaches especially in big cities, surely these once junk pieces now somehow serve as archeological finds long before their time of discovery comes.

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