Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Gone are the days, most probably, when kids had the chance to produce their own handmade toys. The process of making these things are fun in itself plus the pleasure of enjoying a sense of success and satisfaction after completing one toy made from scraps and found objects. That was my childhood. In those times of youth when the mind is ready for more creative challenges that are vital for growth the brain sends signals to the hands to do something creative. To me, the chance to build my own toy allows my mind to wander within the realm of imagination and creativity. These childhood privileges also protected me from becoming destructive.

I have proven that art has that alluring effect even to school bullies of my time when they always befriended me especially when they ask me to help them with their art requirements or whenever we build our toys together.

Nowadays, with the advent of digital toys mass-produced by big companies, kids and parents alike have the tendency to rely on these things to achieve a state of enjoyment and fun for both parent and kid. But the question is, did they miss something? Did we miss everything?

Back home in Hong Kong we have boxes and boxes of used and broken toys accumulated through the years. The funny thing is my kids played and enjoyed the packaging box more than the expensive toy we bought for them. It later dawned on us parents that kids who hunger for creativity will find their way, and by all means, to express that inborn gift. Let's hope that no amount of Mickey's ready-made attractions will distract their youthful motivation for imagination and self-expression. (Joel E. Ferraris)

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